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Time to flex: coping as a freelancer post Covid-19

In 2018, Beckie Smith, Directing Consultant at Flying Geese shared her journey setting up her own consultancy and tackling a career as a freelancer in My Freelance Journey - a series of eight blogs written for AMAculturehive. Two years on Beckie takes us through how her consultancy has grown and now, as an established freelancer, how she's navigating work in the new Covid-19 landscape.  Beckie also gives advice and tips on what's worked for her and on how to overcome the challenges of balancing work and family life.

By Beckie Smith  | Published:2020 | Type: blog

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Social Impact Measurement Toolkit

Covid-19 places even more importance on being able to demonstrate clear social impact of our work. Here the team at Moore Kingston Smith have developed a straightforward Impact Measurement Toolkit to support your planning an action.

By Moore Kingston Smith  | Published:2020 | Type: guide-toolkit

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