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17th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Mark Robinson

Diversifying revenue streams

This collection features snippets of case studies by Mark Robinson and offers inspiration for developing new sources of income.

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Lessons on collaboration and relevance from Creative People and Places

Mark Robinson shares some of the key learning from across the Arts Council-funded Creative People and Places projects in 2016.

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Business Model Canvas – six questions for the sector

Mark Robinson explores some of the patterns emerging from his arts and culture business model case studies and poses six questions for the sector.

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Southbank Centre Business Model Case Study

Learn how Southbank Centre has combined artistic and commercial entrepreneurship to diversify audiences and income streams.

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Ministry of Stories Business Model Case Study

Discover how Ministry of Stories funds free mentoring of young people and uses customer and partner insights to drive innovation in its business model.

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Bloodaxe Books Business Model Case Study

Find out how Bloodaxe Books’ commitment to getting the best poetry to more people drives its business model.

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Beamish Business Model Case Study

Find out how Beamish’s business model focuses on shared experiences and emotional connect to increase visits and income.

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Allenheads Contemporary Arts Business Model Case Study

Discover how being responsive to potential Revenue Streams has enabled Allenheads to establish a thriving arts community in a rural setting.

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a-n business model case study

Learn how a-n responded to changes in context and the possibilities of digital technology to ensure its business model remained relevant.

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mac birmingham Business Model Case Study

Find out how an arts centre increased its audience and resilience by focusing on its offer as a gateway connecting people with the arts.

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Castlefield Gallery Business Model Case Study

Find out how Castlefield Gallery has increased its attractiveness to partners and customers by clarifying the value it creates for the visual arts sector and the city.

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Live Theatre Business Model Case Study

Discover how Live Theatre has embraced conscious risk-taking and social enterprise to future-proof new writing, theatre and education work.

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Derby Museums Business Model Case Study

Discover how Derby Museums has strengthened its offer and developed its staff structure to build customer relationships centred on co-creation.

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Arts at the Old Fire Station Business Model

Discover how an unusual partnership can drive innovation and make your organisation stand out for audiences and funders.

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Watershed Business Model Case Study

Watershed offers inspiration for successfully balancing artistic and commercial activities.

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Introducing the Business Model Canvas

Reinvent your business model with this introduction to the Business Model Canvas for arts and cultural organisations.

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Hackney Empire Business Model Case Study

Discover how Hackney Empire changed its business model in response to financial crisis and the threat of reducing subsidy.

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Red Earth Theatre Business Model Case Study

Learn how Red Earth Theatre created a more sustainable business model to overcome the ‘crisis of short-termism’ often experienced by project-funded organisations.

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Black Country Living Museum – Business Model Case Study

Discover how Black Country Living Museum’s determination to offer compelling and educational experiences drives innovation.

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Western Australian Museum – Business Model Case Study

A case study exploring the business model of Western Australian Museum, as it moves into the delivery phase of the largest museum building project in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History – Business Model Case Study

A case study exploring how Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History transformed its business model in response to a crisis.

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Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust – Business Model Case Study

Discover how Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust is future proofing the story of the Industrial Revolution by trying new things, being flexible and taking calculated risks.

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The role of diversity in building adaptive resilience

Discover how embracing the creative case for diversity and difference can support the adaptive resilience of arts organisations. This paper features ten case studies, recommendations of helpful things to do and a framework for self-assessment.

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Lessons for the arts to adapt and remain resilient under pressure

This substantial report looks at theories behind a ‘resilient, adaptive ecology’ and applies them to the arts ecology at a time of increasing funding stress and change for nearly all arts organisation. It aims to:

• explore the relevance of resilience thinking to the arts

• suggest a basic or simplified hypothetical version of an ‘arts ecology’

• identify characteristics of resilient arts organisations and sectors

• make recommendations for how Arts Council England and others could enhance resilience in the arts sector, especially through the funding frameworks and expectations.

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How the arts can survive in tough times

The All About Audiences conference in 2011 was framed by the increasing funding crisis in the arts. Arts marketers heard from keynote speakers Ivan Lewis MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport), Mark Robinson (Founder and Director of Thinking Practice). Susan Royce (Change Management Consultant) and Paul Smith (Executive Director of Liverpool Biennial). Their speeches on how to help the arts survive are summarised here.

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Influencing the resilience of your organisation

As a marketer, you can play a strategic part in moving your organisation forward no matter what your job role. This article explains how to step up, influence your organisation and community through ‘ROAR’: by being reflective, open, adaptive and responsible. You’ll find practical tips for increasing organisational resilience whilst remaining true to purpose.



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