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8th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Elena Villaespesa

Understanding motivations and usage of the Tate online collection

The Art & artists section of Tate's website - their online collection - is the most visited area of the site, with around 500 to 600K visits per month. Tate carried out audience research to understand who their users are and what their motivations are for visiting the site. This document summarises the results of the research to discover motivation and usage behaviours around Art & artists.

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Digital analytics culture in arts organisations

In many cases, museums and other cultural institutions stumble blindly into the world of analytics, and at first see metrics reporting as a peripheral activity, largely undertaken without a plan or dedicated resources. They thus miss the opportunity to fully understand the deep insights analytics can offer. This case study presents the steps taken at Tate to establish a culture of analytics throughout the organisation.

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