YouTube vs Vine – who emerges triumphant?

This blog was posted by Lara Coffey on March 13, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

Phew! It’s been quite a busy time over on the Motionhouse social channels! We rolled out out YouTube vs Vine/in app player link video experiment and got some very interesting results, which you can see below (please note, this datat is taken from Facebook – wider data is available from across the channels)

FACEBOOK | YouTube Link Content

POST: #flashbackfriday We’re jumping back to before the premier of #Broken in 2013 to the very first trailer for the show, produced by our good friends at Logela Multimedia!

484 people reached | 6 Likes | 2 shares

POST: Uh oh! It’s #MohoMonday but some pesky gremlins have got into our servers and taken our website offline! We’re working hard on a fix and will let you know when we’re back up and running. 

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with the stunning trailer for Broken which will be back on the road next year – who’s in?! #Broken15

1,299 people reached | 7 likes | 4 shares | 2 comments

POST: Wishing our Motionhouse Youth Company the very best of luck before their performance this evening for Warwick Jazz Festival at St Mary’s Church, Warwick! We know you’ll be fab! 

And to celebrate their performance here’s a sneak preview of some material they’ve been working on…

609 people reached | 11 Likes | 1 share, 1 comment

Total Reach (3 trailers): 2,392
Total Likes: 24

FACEBOOK | Built in Player – Content

POST: Only got a couple of seconds free? Check out some of our favourite moments from #Broken15 in just 20 short seconds! Do you have any favourite moments from the show you’d like to tell people about before it goes back on the road? Let us know and we might post them! (22 seconds long)

2,205 people reached | 35 Likes | 1 share, 0 comments

POST: We’ve got that Friday feeling!! #funtimefriday (15 seconds long) [Posting of snippet from duet]

3,722 people reached |60 Likes | 0 shares, 4 comments

POST: Brrrr! Anyone else feeling the cold this week?! At our base in Leamington Spa, it’s making us nostalgic for summer – and of course, our outdoor festival work! #Captive Here’s a quick #20secondsnippet for those of you who haven’t seen the show!

1,740 people reached | 19 Likes | 0 shares, 0 comments

Total Reach: 7,667 | Total Likes: 114 | Lifetime Average time video viewed: 41,530
We also received 14 new fans on Facebook during this period with viral engagement coming from people who had not previously encountered the page. Upon joining Vine we received 48 new followers in 24 hours and 112 re-vines in total over 3 vine clips. These were also shared across Twitter where we saw 18 new followers and 15 RTs on the days we shared our content across Vine.

Clearly incorporating Vine into our social media mix is a positive way for us to not only extend our reach virally, but also increase audience numbers and engagement with our posts across social media platforms. We believe that it’s still important to provide our audiences with more exclusive/back stage content in order to create deeper relationships and build loyalty, but there is still the scope to use shorter film clips, through the likes of Vine in order to increase our reach in the first instance and then begin to share more with them, once we have gauged their interest.

In light of our new tour which commences in January (29th) we will begin to consider how we might use Vine tactically in order to increase our online reach, share news/snippets about our show and increase audience numbers nationally as well as build our e-news/audience data so we can develop personal relationships that we can invest in over time and create loyal fans. Once these relationships are in place and have been invested in, for some period of time (not over the life of CultureHive!) we will also consider how we might be able to use this platform in order to increase the reach of our fundraising/merchandising message, but the development of that relationship is important before we expect them to be helping to support us, and convince others to do the same.


Jus and Lara x

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