What sandwich I am… and other essential information

This blog was posted by Jen Chapman on October 10, 2014 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing during the summer holiday season, Ana and I had the opportunity to Skype with our brilliant mentor Daniel Rowles.

We kicked off the conversation by discussing our current thoughts and ideas as well as how we could work together. We talked a lot about how we’re trying to communicate better with our audiences and take advantage of the bespoke segmentation model we have recently developed. Although this has been working well when thinking about programming and planning, a lack of data has prevented us taking it to the next stage and introducing better targeting and personalisation in our campaigns. Another ever-present feature on my to-do list is our upcoming exhibition Type Motion and the campaign we are working through to tell art, film and design lovers all about it.

We thought about the huge popularity of ‘personality tests’ that are peppering our social media channels. Over the last few months I’ve ‘discovered’ very important things about myself using these bizarrely addictive quizzes, such as what city I should live in (New York), what my hippy name is (Luna), what sandwich I am (a hummus wrap…which as far as I’m concerned is not a sandwich) and what accent I have (Queen’s English, which is interesting with me being a scouser).

Hummus-Veggie-Wrap   (not a sandwich)

These results are not life-changing and usually provide as much insight as a Magic-8 ball. So why do we do them? Typically it’s curiosity, a way to spend 30 seconds on the morning commute, a break from thinking about reality and mostly a bit of a laugh. I even don’t have to seek them out for myself as my equally curious, bored and escapist friends share them with abandon on my Facebook wall. Isn’t this the arts marketers’ holy grail? Creating content that people love to engage with and want to share?

Ana, Daniel and I thought about how we might recreate this magic for FACT and how we could link it with our upcoming programming. Being a borderline geek when it comes typography – and having met lots of bona fide font fetishists in my Type Motion research – our upcoming exhibition seemed the perfect fit.

We settled on the idea of creating a personality test game that asks “What Type Are You” to have in the building to make the exhibition experience even more fun and capture data from our visitors. This would also be online to encourage users to share, thus raising awareness of the show.

Of course…we don’t REALLY mean what typeface are you, do we? We will actually be asking our audiences – and potential audiences – “What Audience Segment Are You”. But who would want to do that snore fest of a quiz?

Our next steps include creating some simple and fun questions for the quiz (we’ll probably need some segmentation experts to give us a hand) and matching typefaces to our six audience segments. These will all need to be lovely typefaces obviously, NOBODY wants to be told they are Comic Sans and have been officially naff since 1998, so our Type Motion graphic designers will need to help us with this bit.

We also need to plan out exactly what we’ll do with this information when we have it. Plot Spoiler: it will certainly involve new, more tailored e-newsletters with more cherry picked events and promotions.

What surprised us both was how easy it was to have a great idea, purely by having a conversation with somebody new. A fresh perspective really is like fairy dust. I wonder what type of fairy dust I am…

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