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This blog was posted by Lara Coffey on March 13, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

Hi All!


So at the end of our last blog we were looking to explore how (given our touring pattern and infrequent access to dancers) we can retain our audiences and their interest/engagement in our company. We decided that the first thing we needed to do in order to accommodate this is to ask our audiences if they’re happy with the social media content we are posting, and then start a conversation to ask what they might be interested in hearing about, or seeing.

We have no evidence that our audiences are actually beginning to get bored of the content at this stage, but given that the year ahead (2015) will be our third significant year of international touring, with more months being spent out of the UK than eve, we wanted to tackle what may become an issue, before it becomes a problem

We set up the survey on Survey Monkey and broadcast a call to action to our online audiences via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e News, as well as on our blog. As our audiences traditionally do not like repeated content we broadcast the message in a variety of ways – just as a status and then later with imagery or links attached but all the posts had significantly lower engagement and reach than other posts on the page. After two weeks of calling them to action we closed the survey. Success was lower than we’d expected, with a low response rate (less than 1%). The respondents however were not the expected/anticipated people we had presumed (‘usual suspects’) and they represented a wider cross section than we would have thought, but they were by no means representative of the whole audience we could have been reaching.

On the whole the people that did respond were very positive about our presence and current posting habits, with 50% of people saying they ‘Really Like’ our posts and 33% stating they think they’re ‘Really Good.’ It also helped to ease our minds about our audiences becoming bored with the content we post; the responses we did receive from our audiences showed no indication about being unhappy with the content or types of post we were sharing, and some of the comments suggested they wanted more of what we are already delivering. However, in the future we will design surveys than are more visual and include imagery choices rather than text based questions (as these are more indicative of what our audiences typically engage with).

Some of the findings from the survey

Some of the findings from the survey

The low response rate and lack of conversation from our audiences regarding however, has made us wonder whether audiences are actually less engaged than we thought or whether our audiences typically interact more with instantaneous information, such as images and video that don’t require click through or follow up/further action.


We decided for out next experiment to test this possible need for ‘instantaneous’ content by contrasting our audiences’ engagement with YouTube links to longer films against Vine shorts of similar content across the week at targeted times. We will alternate the time and date we share the films across the platforms so that we are able to rule out whether the time or day influences our audiences’ engagement. We will also measure the length of time our audiences are engaged with the content, so whether this is the whole Vine film, or if they finish watching the YouTube films prior to their end.


We’ll keep you posted!


Jus and Lara x


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