Taking the stabilisers off the Tricycle

This blog was posted by Dawn James on October 6, 2014 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

fellow_dawnjamesWe’ve had an interesting summer at the Tricycle, not least because we’ve been dipping our toes for the first time into the waters of digital experimentation.

Our first e-meeting with our mentor Daniel was characterized, somewhat ironically, by a bad internet connection that meant we had a couple of false starts! That’s the thing with digital – you’re only ever as good as your internet connection.

But after a few hiccups we managed to meet with Daniel, set some research objectives and to begin to troubleshoot a few of our Google Analytics problems.

Our first area of research will be looking at goals on Google Analytics. We’ve got two goals in play at the moment; a destination goal which is tied to an objective about monitoring and increasing attendance by people aged under 26 and a new duration goal for this project.

Setting up the duration goal was surprisingly easy and took less than a minute. We’re aiming for a site duration of over three minutes. We’re currently on about 2 mins 28 seconds. So let’s see how long it takes to make up those 32 seconds!

I suspect the key to a longer duration is engaging content- we’ve been thinking a lot recently about developing content strategies around our shows that include extra content like video blogs. Hopefully strategies like this will encourage people to hang around.

Conversely my other thought is that perhaps a low dwell time is a good indicator of a website that allows people to get the information they need quickly, book a ticket and get out. I think this would be a good area to research in our next experiment.

In the mean time we will be monitoring what happens with the duration goal over the next month and getting familiar with the goal tools including overview, paths and funnels.

We’re looking forward to our next meeting with Daniel who is coming in to give us some Google Analytics one on one time so we can improve our technical knowledge of how things work.

So that’s where we are, tentatively taking the stabilisers off the Tricycle’s digital and aspiring to use the tools available in a more in depth way.

Dawn and Holly x

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