Ron in a million – the joys of having a Mentor

This blog was posted by Dave Yard on May 28, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

Sporting our shiny new headsets and smiling broadly into our webcam, Jess and I fired up Skype for our first meeting with Ron Evans, our Fellowship mentor.

Ron is a consumer psychologist based on the West Coast of the US and as we went through the usual Skype questions – “Can you see us? You’re a bit fuzzy/quiet etc etc” – I was still unsure as to what exactly his role was and how he could help us in our quest to grow our Kent based family audience.

I need not have worried. In the course of an hour Ron laid out his role as Mentor (to help advise and shape our project to get the outcome we need) and then proceed to chat through our project, talking through all our ideas, making us look at things differently and helping us focus on priorities.

Getting focused…

We started this project with an audience focus, reaching families in the local area, and a specific event – our bOing! international Family Festival (29 & 30 Aug). Beyond that we just had a load of ideas….

We have a really creative team here and so we are not short of ideas, our greater challenge is selecting those that will work – or rather structuring our social media better to test what works and what does not.

I frequently get dazzled by the variety of digital channels and tactics available to us. Should we be on Instagram, Snapchat? Can we focus on ‘selling tickets’ or are we looking longer term at ‘creating a community’. How do we measure and judge success?

Talking through the project with Ron has really helped us to draw in all our ideas, keep those that make sense, bin those that don’t, and create a coherent plan. Ron’s expertise in engaging with audiences and in evaluating impact has helped craft all our ideas into an experiment we can action.

So, we have a plan!

Now for the bOing! Festival we have a social media plan, which includes new Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts (eek!) and activities to drive new and existing audience to them. We plan to use social media extensively throughout the Festival itself and inspire the bOing! audience to share thoughts and images that we can use to evaluate the impact of the Festival after the event.

As a vital part of the plan we are identifying key measurement metrics. This means setting up our analytics to identify where ticket sales come from, assessing measurement tools in Hootsuite, and trialling new archive tools such as  Tweet Archivist (thanks Ron!) to make sure we capture the full breadth of social media conversation over the weekend.

Next Steps

It’s 95 days to bOing!  – so now we need to take our plan and get on with it…..

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