Rethinking Giving: the many ways to give

This blog was posted by Lauren Davies on May 29, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.
Rethinking Giving: the many ways to give

I always get an excited feeling when I am at the beginning of something. As well as feelings of being daunted too. I feel surrounded by many great minds on this journey with the CultureHive DMA so I’m off to a good start.

For the purposes of my initial experiments in the Academy, I’m interested in what counts as a donation in your non-profit organisation.

How are people encouraged to give? Not only that but what are they encouraged to give?

I am currently working with the Brighton based arts charity ONCA Trust. Over the course of my time in the Academy I will be experimenting with how giving, and donations, are defined and managed by this organisation. Especially rethinking how the act of giving to a charity can be defined within a range of activities, or donations, that hold some kind of currency even if not financial.

I’ll be recording my findings for you to read here on the DMA Blog.

In my conversations with my mentor DK I’ve been inspired to think about ‘humanising the ask’ when it comes to making an appeal for people’s money, time and philanthropic gestures. Also interesting questions were raised in my first Action Learning Set with my peers around how by experimenting digitally with generating donations, particularly financial ones, will I maintain an element of the personal about them? If the initial ‘ask’ is delivered via an e-newsletter, how will I ensure an emotional connection is established within this transaction of giving?

The need to humanise how we at ONCA reach out to people could be approached with an online strategy for the organisation’s website whereby the creation of dynamic video content, mini films of the people behind the organisation talking in to camera, sharing details of what impact donations have on the organisation, could put faces to an otherwise arms-length approach of displaying a Paypal button and asking nicely for people to donate. This is our current and ineffective ‘ask’.

So at this point I urge you to keep an eye on ONCA’s donations page over the next few months as this will be an evolving experimental area.

And I’d like to get your help with this quick poll if I may, to inform my research in this area and so I can share these findings with you all:
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