Pas de Deux

Pas de Deux

This blog was posted by Natalie Phillips on August 25, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

It’s refreshing to say that the ball is now definitely rolling on our DMA project. We started off finding some difficulties in knowing where to focus energy and time, what to prioritise and understanding new concepts such as Agile working and Action Learning Sets. Once the dust had settled we were able to see the wood through the trees.

Personally (and I am sure Caroline will agree), it is extremely helpful being a Joint Fellow in this process. At this stage in our journey we have really valued each other’s support. Caroline was fortunate enough to have a work placement in Georgia and I have been on annual leave and away at the AMA annual conference in Birmingham which has meant that our paths have rarely crossed. We have however managed to keep everything moving along nicely by communicating with each other regularly and also taking the lead while the other is away. Not being from a Marketing background I have also relished having the knowledge and expertise that Caroline brings to our team.

Once we were both around we had a very productive meeting with our Mentor Daniel. He went through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and we have successfully applied this to our project, setting up goals to track where in our online customer journey we had drop off. Daniel also opened our eyes to search optimisation. From this we are excited to see what we might be able to implement with our new learning.

We have also been in consultation with our Digital Producer Martin, who is being very supportive in helping us look at the steps of the booking process and ways in which we might make practical and stylistic improvements. We have reduced some of our steps in our booking process already and have some more tidying up to do.

We found that the customer survey we put into place in the beginning of our project lead to a bit of a dead end. It was interesting to see that something we set up initially didn’t actually help us that much. It just reiterated what we already knew about the transactional process.

So all in all we are generally feeling refreshed, settled and focused.

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