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This blog was posted by Lara Coffey on March 13, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

Hi! Justine and Lara from Motionhouse here – welcome to the first blog post in our AMA CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy series!

For those of you that don’t know us – Motionhouse is a global touring company that perform physical and visually stunning productions at theatres and festivals throughout the world.  Rooted in dance, our dynamic productions draw on theatre, acrobatics and film to create a 4 dimensional experience for our audiences.We’re renowned for our ambitious experimentation with the performance environment and for developing large scale spectacles, including The Voyage, which formed part of the opening celebrations for the London 2012 Festival and saw our dancers collaborate with artists from Australia’s Legs On the Wall and perform on a life-size cruise liner in the centre of landlocked Birmingham.

Over the last two-three years our international touring has developed significantly, which is vital for the company commercially, but does also mean that our UK audiences are witness to large chunks of time without direct access to our dancers;  both in terms of  live performances as well as for providing online content. We’ve continued to develop our social media strategy as much as possible to use this to our advantage; by for example, providing exclusive behind the scenes content of the dancers whilst they’re touring internationally including: video tour diaries, images of our dancers at famous monuments, rehearsal/performance coverage etc, but we believe there is always more that we can be doing to continue to offer our audiences a 360 degree view of the company – it’s important for us not to be repeating the same content every year, so innovation in terms of content and technology is hugely important to us!

CULTURE HIVEMotionhouse’s work is renowned for its inventive and impressive use of film content, where our dancers not only perform against a visual backdrop but interact, submerge themselves within and engage with it, creating a 4D experience for our live audience members and it’s equally important that we continue to be just as innovative and inventive with all digital technologies – including our social media and online platforms. Being a small marketing team of two means its increasingly difficult to create enough digital content, analyse our online audiences’ usage and behaviour and look at ways in which we can use new technologies to develop our strategy accordingly, as well as to deliver all other remits required across the marketing spectrum. We’re taking part in the Digital Marketing Academy to discover what we are doing well and not so well, look at what we could be doing differently, consider new technologies and share the knowledge, experience, advice and new ideas of a specialist within the field.

The first stop on our journey is to talk to the most important people in this process – our audiences. We think that up to this point we have offered them a wide selection of content and managed to be engaging rather than simply broadcasting to them, but as we move towards further international touring and after the success of two UK tours in the past 12 months – how do our audiences feel about the content they are seeing? We want to test our concerns that with our third successive year of international touring that our online audiences might become disengaged with our social media content if we continue to offer the same content, just from a different country. We have no evidence that our audiences are beginning to get bored of our content at this stage, but with more months being spent out of the UK than ever next year, we want to tackle what may become an issue, before it becomes a problem.

We have used Survey Monkey to build a brief but insightful questionnaire to find out what our audiences really think. We’re hoping to achieve three things through our survey:

Starting a Dialogue

We want to start an ongoing conversation with our online audience and are hoping to have discussions with both our ‘currently engaged’ users as well those who are more passively interacting with our social media channels.

Gauge Reactions

We’re hoping to obtain open and honest thoughts from our audience whereby they can engage with us in a truthful, unbiased conversation about what works for them, what doesn’t and how we can improve, or indeed change what we’re offering them.

Receive Responses:

We’re hoping to attract a wide range of participants for this survey (rather than just our ‘regulars’) who can be honest with us; as such we’ll be using reciprocal marketing to get pages to broadcast the survey for us as well as incentivising taking part within the survey by offering Motionhouse goodies new to the market. We will be broadcasting the survey across our website and online channels and possibly via our e-News contacts database too.

We’ll be launching the survey on Saturday 23 August, hoping that our audiences will have more time on their hands to take part over the Bank Holiday weekend and hope to have an array of responses to analyse, which we will collect two weeks after the survey commences. You can check out the survey – and indeed take part yourself if you already follow us, by clicking on the link here:

We’ll be in touch to let you know how the first part of our experiment went in the coming weeks, but in the meantime if you want to get in touch you can email us both at: and

 Jus and Lara 🙂

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