Katie Moffat

Katie Moffatt

Katie Moffat

  • Social Media and Digital Engagement Specialist
  • @katiemoffat

Katie is a social media and digital engagement specialist who has worked in the communications sector for over 17 years. She has worked with many arts organisations providing advice and guidance on strategy, creation and implementation of social media campaigns and digital analytics. She is an experienced trainer.

Katie is also currently Head of Digital at The Audience Agency. She writes for a number of online blogs including @tnw.

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  1. Helen Dunnett

    Yes let’s get rid of ‘digital native’, it could be said that I fell into the category you talk about as someone older who perhaps doesn’t totally ‘get’ digital, but as you quite rightly state it’s not about being a wiz on everything digital but being open to the possibilities and integrating it into an overarching strategy and set of objectives. What really get’s my goat is when organisations make digital a separate strategy totally divorced from the marketing and audience development strategy,

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