Journey. Responsibility. Possibility

This blog was posted by Shipra Ogra on June 2, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

Journey. Responsibility. Possibility. So far, these three words define my experience of the Digital Marketing Academy.

I haven’t travelled far, and this is my first proper digital journey. The important thing about any journey is preparation. The more prepared you are, the more you can keep yourself free for new experiences, to see more, explore more, reflect, question and respond. I have to admit, I haven’t been very prepared, and it’s important to realise that to make sure I can make quick amends, so as not to make this an unpleasant journey. I have my excuses… ermm… I mean reasons. As a Producer, I look after not just marketing and communications but other aspects of the organisation’s work, which quickly translates into a lack of focus on something as specific as digital. Also, in the past while I have dreamt a few digital adventures, the thought of embarking on them has proved a bit too enormous. Lack of motives has not been the reason, but a lack of ownership across the organisation. Therefore, while DMA is my personal journey, it can never be fulfilling if it is only MY journey. I have to somehow take everyone along.

So, I am feeling slightly responsible – for my journey and my learning, and my ability to share it wider. Hence this attempt to first voice what has and hasn’t worked so far and how I might get the best out of this experience. To be honest, I have struggled with technology, a bit. I am still warming up to the idea that all learning and interaction will happen in a virtual space. In fact, almost as if to subvert that I have planned to meet another DMA member over coffee so that we can talk about our experiences so far and find a way of connecting in another way through this journey. And this person is not in my Action Learning Set, but we share a Mentor. I also miss the ritual associated with such development opportunities, which involve being with a strange group of people somewhere else i.e. not in your office. Less easy to duck out of. But I have now dedicated a different space in the building as my DMA learning space – where I do all my online sessions, thinking and even blog writing.

Teething problems, aside the most important aspect of my DMA experience is ‘possibility’ – the possibilities it offers for our work, our audiences and the people we make theatre with. I won’t be looking at a digital revolution at the Bubble, by the end of it all, but DMA offers me a valid reason to hammer in the 10 reasons why ‘digital’ needs to be owned by everyone in the organisation. And hopefully by implementing it across one or two projects we can also see how it can be done.

So maybe look out for that in my next blog post!

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