Inventing new ways to Pimp Out Your Postcode

This blog was posted by Jen Chapman on November 27, 2014 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

It is so common place now to be asked to pimp out your postcode to galleries, theatres, retailers, restaurants, hairdressers, the milkman…. that us marketing bods can easily take this transaction of information for granted. Surely the arts sector should be setting the example of capturing information creatively, and linking it to our programming so it doesn’t jar with a great cultural experience? Even 30 seconds of boring form filling is a distraction and a chore so shouldn’t we be playing to our strengths and looking for a better alternative?

A Buzzfeed style personality quiz is the alternative that we hope will provide an antidote to the paper survey and provide a bit of entertainment at the same time!

Our new exhibition is called Type Motion and explores how text and typography can be successfully used alongside the moving image. It features music videos, computer games, adverts and film title sequences (think Star Wars, Psycho and Alien!) and has great appeal to a number of audiences, including the design community who we are specifically targeting. During the planning of this exhibition, we’ve had many great conversations about typefaces – the good, the bad and the ugly (I’m looking at you, CurlzMT) and have been fascinated by the characteristics that are assigned to them. This felt like a natural fit for a personality quiz that relates to the themes of Type Motion, acting as a marketing tool in itself and enhancing the actual exhibition experience.

My ever-resourceful colleague Elliot found a great site called where we can build a quiz called “What Type Are You” and define the quiz-taker as one of six typefaces (each representing a different audience segment) and with a bit of jiggery-pokery, capture their name and email too. After reminding ourselves that DMA is all about experimentation and not perfection (see my previous blog!), the Marketing & Comms team gathered our audience segmentation research and put our quiz-master hats on.

We kept the process simple, just using good old pen and paper, and brainstormed the kind of questions we could ask where we could easily divide personalities by the answers. Rather than arbitrary questions like what’s your favourite colour, or who is your favourite member of S Club 7 (ahem..) we chose questions where the answers would be vastly different with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek.

photo Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 10.47.35

Knowing that four heads are better than one, we worked through each of the nine questions and devised an answer that each of our six audience segments (Experience Seeker, Selective Explorer, Socially Active, Tinkerer & Hacker, Busy Mainstreamer, Home Comforts) would choose. Thanks to our persona workshops earlier in the year, we were also able to think about “Sandra” and her favourite tv shows, or what pet hates “Dan” has, which made the task much easier! Here’s a few examples:

The perfect Friday night for Ben (Selective Explorer) would be seeing his favourite band, but Sandra (Busy Mainstreamer) would prefer a nice bath and a glass of wine. Howie (Experience Seeker) would pick a film that is edgy, obscure and experimental, while Bex (Socially Active) is up for anything she can watch with friends and have a laugh. Ben’s (Tinkerer & Hacker) friends would describe him as smart, tech-savvy and a little bit nerdy, while John’s (Home Comforts) would say he was genuine and down to earth.

Possibly the most revealing question will be when we embrace the Room 101 vibe and ask – If you could banish one thing from the Earth, what would it be? The following answers segment the quiz-taker in the following ways…

Experience Seeker = Conformity (because, you know…snore!)

Selective Explorer = Reality TV (whatever happened to REAL talent??)

Socially Active = Hangovers (the only downside to the weekend)

Tinkerers & Hackers = Buffering (My internet connection is the fastest that money can buy!)

Busy Mainstreamers = Mess (A place for everything, and everything in its place)

Home Comforts = Arts Farty Nonsense (speaks for itself… I told you we were risky!)

We then uploaded our thoughts to a Google Docs spreadsheet so we could all mull over, edit and share. We also started collecting images to illustrate the quiz answers, and Elliot has been hard at work adding it to UQuiz.

The one outstanding bit is how we matched each segment to a typeface, the description that the quiz-user will see and what happens next!

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