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This blog was posted by Alison Parry on June 5, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

Over the past year, we’ve been working on a digital strategy which is supposed to “put digital at the heart of the Henry Moore Foundation”. So, when I heard that I had a place on DMA 2.0 my first thoughts were “Great, that’s going to be so useful” and “Help! How do I decide on a project to work on during the programme?”

That second question has been hard to answer. We’re currently at tendering process for a new website and it’s proving to be a huge undertaking. Once you dig down into our site it becomes clear that it’s a behemoth among websites – there are countless libraries and databases to integrate, ecommerce and eticketing to overhaul and years upon years of content to audit and migrate. On top of this we had agreed to look at digital visitor experiences in our Hertfordshire venue – to replace the audioguide which had become outdated and expensive to update for each season – and also to think about the family experience both online and onsite. At this point, I was starting to drown in project ideas; actually I’m still not sure that the scope of my DMA projects is narrow enough.

Cutting a long story short, I decided to concentrate on projects that (broadly speaking) will fall within my natural workload over the next few months. So, I’m attempting a content audit and strategy, which will then feed into the content planning and generation for the new website. I’m going to try and experiment with some micro-copy fixes to see what works with our new tone of voice (did I mention that we’re rebranding at the same time?) and hopefully make it easier to migrate some of our existing content to the new platform. As a side project, and one that I can have fun playing with, I plan to undertake some user research looking at what our audiences want onsite to replace the old audio-guide.

Luckily (actually via great planning from the DMA team) I have been paired with an amazing Mentor who is a good few years down the line from me on two similar projects – Sara Devine from the Brooklyn Museum. Our first one-to-one really helped to pin down what I should be looking at and provided plenty of tips for getting buy-in from colleagues. I’m looking forward to being able to report back at the next meeting and fire a few questions Sara’s way.

Lastly for this entry, the word AGILE keeps being mentioned, both in the DMA and in the real world of web tendering and so far the online workshops have been very interesting and positive about the process; I’ll be trying to become an Agile Samurai and I won’t have to commit hari-kiri at the end of it all. The visitor experience project immediately lends itself to the AGILE way of working, so my coloured file cards have been purchased and the pin board is ready – on with the first sprint!

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