A puddle of data on digital donations

This blog was posted by Lauren Davies on June 25, 2015 as part of the CultureHive Digital Marketing Academy. You can find out more about the project here.

I’ve started small and tentatively with my digital experiments around individual giving online and how our organisation, ONCA Trust defines a donation.

I’ve set out on ONCA’s donations page my intention to explore 5 ways of giving to the charity over the next few months. This is to help me design a series of content and experiments on each of the 5 themes of donations. I needed to break all the thinking and research I’m doing down into manageable sections as I realise since my first blog post I’m really starting from nothing at the moment.

In my recent mentoring session with DK it became apparent that I needed to start delving into the data that ONCA already holds from our website on things such as the amount of traffic we receive across the site and how people are navigating it.

We usually only complile or analyse this data rigorously when we are in the midst of grant funding applications.

Instead of finding myself faced with a sea of overwhelming data on Jetpack in WordPress about our various webpages and huge amounts to trawl through on visits to our donations page, what I have uncovered is more of a puddle of minimal stats.

In a year we’ve had 93 visits to ONCA’s donations page. The first appearance of a donations button in our recent e-newsletter resulted in 3 clicks through to the donations page. Our last online donation rather than donation direct to the charity bank account was received in June 2014 via PayPal.

At this stage my small, simple experiment feels wholly inadequate for the kind of big changes that I would like to have an impact on in the organisation over the course of these experiments and my Fellowship.

I think I need the sea of data to be able to implement something really game changing in rethinking how our supporters give to ONCA. Or at least some bigger splashes of interaction and results that I can feed my experiments with.

So I’m going to reach out further to places and people that I can get inspired by or find out at least if the puddles of data, rather than seas of it on donations and giving, is a familiar scenario to other arts organisations. Also in Brighton there is a very interesting start up project called Good Money who are doing some great sessions on Understanding Money, Digital Currencies and I’ve heard on the grapevine they are about to dabble in Timebanking. Watch this space!

Also no one has submitted a response to my incredibly short two question survey poll on digital giving yet so I need to rethink my strategy with this too. Here is a link to the poll, please do submit your answers now.

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