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Jerusalem: Involving local participants to create a professional production

The Jerusalem Project saw The Common Players Theatre Company, in partnership with Exeter Northcott Theatre and local promoters, bring Jez Butterworth’s award winning play to the West Country on tour. This report explains the audition/casting process, the relationship with promoter partners, the make up of the audience and their reaction to the piece. In addition, it looks at the economic impact the production had, and the social capital generated for audiences and participants.

By Mischa Eligoloff Published:2014 Type: research

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Take a look at return on investment (ROI) in arts marketing and cultural organisations

For cultural organisations, particularly museums and galleries, ‘return’ in ROI does not just mean money. Neither is the ‘investment’ bit merely financial. What about all the time we put in? There is an argument that we need to measure ROI now more than ever. The economic squeeze of the last few years has led to a rash of academic studies into the ROI of entire industry sectors such as libraries and of organisational functions like marketing. If something doesn’t provide a return on expenditure, it is a cost and can be cut.

By Heather Maitland Published:2013 Type: research

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Impacts of a live performance

Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of a Live Performance is an effort to define and measure how audiences are  transformed by a live performance. The study’s research design consisted of a pair of questionnaires – one administered in-venue just prior to curtain, and the other sent home with the respondent and mailed back. The first questionnaire collected information about the audiences’ mental and emotional preparedness for the performance. The second questionnaire, investigated a range of reactions to the specific performance, including captivation, intellectual stimulation, emotional resonance, spiritual value, aesthetic growth and social bonding.

By Jennifer L. Novak-Leonard, Alan Brown Published:2013 Type: research

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Learn what ‘A Night Less Ordinary’ found works in attracting young audiences to the theatre

A Night Less Ordinary was a collaborative scheme aimed at young audiences. This evaluation report reveals lessons learned about what works well in attracting and sustaining young audiences for theatre. The research looked not only at the number of free tickets given out, but at changes in attitude or organisational focus toward young audiences or good practice which could be adopted by other venues. The report covers summary of main findings, methodology, detailed findings, description of how the scheme was run and how that contributed to the level of success in audience development and marketing etc.

By Pam Jarvis Published:2013 Type: research

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Arts and Young People – a report on a pilot audience development programme

Arts and Young People formed an important strand of Yorkshire Arts Board's approach to the New Audiences Programme (ACE and RAB collaboration).  This report includes an introduction to the programme and its core aims and objectives, case studies on some of the activity that took place, analysis of the evaluation of that work and recommendation for future programmes.

By Sarah Bedell Published:2013 Type: research

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Discover Dance – an evaluation of a development programme

The Discover Dance programme was run by Arts About Manchester between 2005 and 2009. This evaluation provides Acorn profiles of dance attenders and a useful insight into some of the key barriers to engagement for first time attenders with the dance sector, as well as an evaluation of the development work that was undertaken.

By The Audience Agency Published:2013 Type: research

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Finding a balance between excellence and participation in arts provision

This dissertation strives to assess the impact of central government directives relating to participation and excellence, to evaluate their relevance within a wider context and to offer recommendations. The research includes a review of the literature, policy documents and professional discourse, a survey of National Association of Local Government Arts Officers, a survey of National Campaign for the Arts Members, focus Groups and interviews. The summary findings talk through the seeming disconnects between provision and excellence and underlines the diverging targets and the dichotomy between access and excellence.

By Heidi Bellamy Published:2013 Type: research

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