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25 rules for good fundraising

These 25 hints, rules and guidelines are the distillation of Michael Kaiser’s great experience in fundraising for the arts and cultural sector, and are a checklist for arts marketers, development and fundraising staff and those whose role covers both areas.

By Michael Kaiser Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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How to take useful measures on social media and online activity

From realising what you want to achieve from your online and social media marketing activity, to setting measurable objectives and KPIs, to explaining some tools for how to measure them, this is a wise overview from an experienced consultant working in the commercial arena and with the Culture 24 digital measuring project. It will help cultural marketers build an holistic view of how their online and social media activity works and where it fits in their overall communications strategy.

By Jenni Lloyd Published:2013 Type: guide-toolkit

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