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A festival out of time

Describes the change management process undertaken at The London International Festival of Theatre, where the organisation reinvented itself as a 'festival out of time'.

By Anne Torreggiani  | Published:2013 | Type: case-study

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Involving participants in fundraising

In this case study, Fabio Santos describes his involvement in the planning of The Complete Freedom of Truth (TCFT), an international youth arts project led by Opera Circus. This large-scale international participatory project is designed to use the arts to provide skills training, cultural and social awareness for young people enabling them to stage small, medium and large-scale artistic interactions.The project has a creative approach to fundraising providing participants with the potential to get involved as a fundraisers.

By Fabio Santos  | Published:2015 | Type: case-study

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Developing cultural tourists and visitor destinations through collaboration

This case study describes the work of the Greenwich Maritime Marketing Group who work together collaboratively to promote their local area as a visitor destination - making best use of a shared budget to attract visitors to the area. You'll find an explanation about how the partnership works in practice, they key objectives and marketing messages used, an outline of their joint campaigns, and the outcomes.  

By Louisa Beer, Neil McCollom, Kate Winsall  | Published:2013 | Type: case-study

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Librarycamp – an unconference for people who want to improve libraries

Librarycamp is a free unconference with the agenda set by attendees on the morning of the event - a Do-It-Yourself conference. In this case study, Sue Lawson of Librarycamp UK talks about how to organise unconferences for people interested in improving libraries, and shares useful tools and resources for anyone in any field interested in bringing the unique benefits of the ‘unconference’ format to their sector.

By Sue Lawson  | Published:2014 | Type: case-study

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The library that borrowed from the public

This Marketing Society Scotland (2013) paper outlines an award winning campaign from the National library of Scotland (NLS) and Frame.  NLS is the world’s leading centre for the study of Scotland and the Scots. In the summer of 2012, a campaign that explored the story of cinema-going in Scotland over the past 120 years attracted 40,000 visitors, despite the competition of the Edinburgh summer festivals. Read about how a highly successful integrated campaign was developed and how a simple competition on Facebook resulted in 2,000 people engaging creatively to come up with their own movie poster headline to promote the …

By Justin Notley  | Published:2013 | Type: case-study

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